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Why choose to study at NTUB?

NTUB is the top business school in Taiwan, offering the most complete range of business courses on the island. NTUB is a dynamic and friendly environment to study in, with years of experience making foreign exchange students feel welcome.

What does the Office of International Affairs do?

Exchange students from across the world study at NTUB. While studying overseas and experiencing a different culture is an exciting opportunity, there are likely to be times when you need help with a particular problem, or just need the reassurance of a friend who is close at hand. That is one of the most important functions of the Office of International Affairs: supporting NTUB's exchange students by providing help and advice throughout their stay in Taiwan. Whatever your problem, the Office of International Affairs is your one-stop shop for getting it sorted.

How do I get to NTUB?

Our foreign exchange students study at the Downtown Campus, located at No.321, Sec. 1, Jinan Road, in Taipei City's Zhongzheng District. Being in the heart of Taipei City, NTUB is extremely well served by the city's fast, modern, and convenient public transport system. Get here by subway, bus, or train. Click here for video instruction

By subway: The nearest MRT stop is at Shan-Dao Temple Station on the Blue (Ban-Nan) Line.

By bus: NTUB is served by over 20 Taipei City Bus routes!

•National Taipei College of Business Stop: 253, 297, 222, 237.

•Cheng-Kong High School Stop: 15, 208, 265, 211, 295.

•Kai-Na Commercial and Technical High School Stop: 0 South, 15, 37, 22, 615, 671.

•Ministry of Audit Stop: 202, 212, 232, 262, 276, 299, 205, 605, 257. Other bus routes include:

•Kuo-Kuang Bus: Taipei-Jinshan Line: Ministry of Audit Stop.

•Taiwan Motor Bus: Keelung-Taipei Line: Ministry of Audit Stop.

•Chung-Shing Bus: Reifang-Banchiao Line: Ministry of Audit Stop.

By train: NTUB is a 15-minute walk from Taipei Main Station.

By taxi: Taxi cabs are a very convenient way to get around Taipei, with prices starting from NT$70.

By car or motorcyle:

Where do I stay while studying at NTUB?

Every student who has signed up to NTUB's exchange program has found a suitable place to stay. For details, please contact : benwuu@ntub.edu.tw

Do I need to apply for a visa if I study at NTUB?

Yes, you must apply for a student visa through the Taipei representative office in your home country.

What should I do about health insurance?

You should apply for health insurance from an insurer in your home country for the full period of your stay in Taiwan.

What do I do in case of an emergency at NTUB?

In case of any emergency, you should call Lisa Sun in the Office of International Affairs, whether it be a medical or non-medical matter. Contact Lisa on +886 2 2322-6218 Ext. 6218, or e-mail her at sdsu09@ntub.edu.tw.

Will I be taught in English at NTUB?

Yes. All courses in the NTUB foreign exchange program are taught in English.

Will there be opportunities for me to learn Chinese at NTUB?

Yes. At NTUB, we recognise the importance of understanding simple Chinese to make the most of your experience in Taiwan. All foreign exchange students at NTUB are given a basic Chinese language course.

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